Santa Clara Foundation Contractors

octagonal-concrete-foundation-wmSanta Clara foundation contractors serve the region of Santa Clara and the surrounding areas. Our services include exterior renovation, fence and deck repairs, siding and patio repairs, dry-root renovation, basement repair and cracked foundation repair.

Hire Certified Foundation Contractors in Santa Clara

Our certified technicians find the cause of your foundation problems, by exploring the areas under your house that could be causing basement cracks and other issues. An expert engineer assesses your specific structural problem and gives a recommendation about how to professionally repair any damages.

State-Of-The-Art Foundation Repair in Santa Clara

Our foundation contractors in Santa Clara use a ram jack repair system, that is a state-of-the-art technology for home foundation repair. Foundation repair in Santa Clara includes repairing your sheet rock or repairing cracks in your home’s brick. Your doors that will not close can be easily repaired. Our skilled professional staff includes a basement contractor in Santa Clara. Our foundation company in Santa Clara can help with bulging and sloping floors and cracks in your basement’s foundation. Any warning signs of foundation damage can be evaluated by a certified foundation repair consultant. Your cracks can be evaluated using a patented foundation assessment system. Our foundation solutions are rooted in engineering and designed for a life time.

Professional Cracked Foundation Repair in Santa Clara

Your cracked foundation repair in Santa Clara is quickly completed to your satisfaction. You may need a professional assessment and a foundation contractor in Santa Clara if you see the following problems:

  • A foundation contractor in Santa Clara can help you determine the underlying causes of a cracked basement wall. Causes may include excessive water drainage onto your property, for example.
  • An outside wall of your home in Santa Clara can exhibit a crack, and this type of problem needs to be assessed by a foundation company in Santa Clara.
  • An interior door frame may have a wall crack that leads up to your ceiling. This type of wall damage may be the result of a foundation problem.

Basement wall cracks, outside cracks in your brick work and interior ceiling damage can mean that you have foundation issues or other structural concerns. Your foundation problems need to be remedied quickly and by a professional Santa Clara foundation company, with the correct experience and state-of-the-art equipment.

Reviews from our customers:
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"San Jose concrete contractors with integrity. Robert just finished a foundation for me at my house and it came out nice and the price was lower than the bid I got from other contractors."
"Robert just finished making a driveway for me in San Jose. When he came the first time he gave me ideas I did not think of. I got his bid and it was cheaper than the other 2 I got. His crew did a good job and he came to the site himself too."
"Robert came and did a cement driveway at my house last summer. Nothing fancy just grey cement like I asked for. His crew did a great job and the driveway came out exactly as I hoped for. It made it throught the winter just great and looks brand new still."