Atherton Foundation Contractors

Atherton foundation contractors handling all types of concrete and cement foundation work including new foundations, foundation repair and foundation retrofits. Atherton foundation contractors who know what they are doing are hard to find. Butler Concrete Construction has local Atherton experience and a solid reputation for making our customers happy.

Atherton – Foundations for Additions, ADU’s, Sheds and Remodels

Atherton homeowners have been taking advantage of the opportunities to add ADU’s or Accessory Dwelling Unit or Granny Units a lot lately because of the housing shortage. New foundation contractors at Butler Concrete Construction specialize in this type of work. If you are planning on expanding your home or adding another unit like an ADU or granny unit we can help. We will make sure your new foundation is constructed properly and will last for many years without being compromised, we can also make sure it is constructed to account for seismic events and larger earthquakes. We offer no cost estimates for new foundation work in Atherton.

Atherton ADU Foundation Contractor

Atherton is a great place to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) also referred to as a granny unit or guest house. If you have decided to construct an ADU on your property we can help. Depending on the municipality involved in issuing permits for the project requirements vary. Generally speaking most places are easing restrictions to make it easier for homeowners to get the process moving. We are experts when it comes to ADU foundations and we have a lot of experience working with custom plans as well as pre-approved plans.

Atherton Foundation Repair & Seismic Retrofitting

As Atherton foundation contractors, we can handle any task when it comes to cracked foundation repair services including seismic retrofits. Our thorough expertise as well as our longevity in the industry has set us apart from other Atherton foundation repair contractors, making us the leader in foundation repair in Atherton. Our professionals provide a thorough inspection of your residential/commercial property at a budget-friendly value while following all industry standards and guidelines. While evaluating your property, our foundation contractors in Atherton have the ability to locate damage normally hidden to the naked eye. Over time, water damage, temperature changes, and structural shifting wreak havoc to a foundation or basement. Cracks and damage may occur without the homeowner realizing the situation. Without advanced cracked foundation repair in Atherton, the damage can become costly. Our concrete foundation company in Atherton ensures optimal foundation repair preventing future damage.

Atherton – Foundation Cracks & Fixes

Atherton property owners know any foundation crack is a bad, however, the size and shape of the crack may indicate a different cause of foundation failure in the home. It’s important to know what caused the foundation problem in order to determine the best way to repair it. Atherton foundation and concrete contractors at Butler Concrete Construction are foundation repair experts and can examine cracks in your foundation and provide repair options. Large, deep foundation cracks are an obvious problem, these cracks might indicate that the home is no longer structurally sound. Even small foundation cracks should be repaired as soon as possible because water and other materials may exploit the cracks causing them to worsen over time.

Atherton Foundation Repair

Atherton concrete contractors at Butler Concrete Construction offer a variety of different crack repair options for foundation cracks at your home. We handle epoxy crack injection, foundation piers, push piers, resistance piers, helical piers, slab piers, concrete piers and carbon fiber repair. There are several different kinds of foundation cracks that you might find in your home. Here is a breakdown of different cracks and what they might mean for your Atherton home:

Vertical Cracks – These cracks run up and down the foundation walls or sides. Vertical cracks are quite normal in most foundations and are not necessarily a sign of structural danger. Very wide vertical cracks may be a result of hydrostatic pressure from excess moisture in the soil pushing on the foundation. If this is the case, carbon fiber repair may help straighten basement walls. Otherwise, small cracks can be filled with an epoxy crack injection to prevent leakage.

  • Diagonal Foundation Cracks –

    This kind of crack is normally caused by differential foundation settlement. If the settlement is severe enough, piers can be installed to lift the settled part of the foundation. For slab-on-grade piers, slab piers are best, while helical piers or resistance piers work well for other types of foundations.

  • Horizontal Foundation Cracks –

    These are the most serious kinds of cracks. Cracks that are running sideways in your foundation indicate soil pressure due to temperature fluctuations or hydrostatic pressure. Excess moisture in the soil can push on the foundation walls, causing horizontal cracks. If the water in the soil freezes, it can also put pressure on the foundation walls, leading to cracks running horizontally. These kinds of cracks are best repaired with carbon fiber repair methods, which help stabilize and straighten bowing and cracked foundation walls.

  • Stair-Step Foundation Cracks –

    If the cracks in your home’s foundation are stair-step shaped, they are most likely the result of foundation sinking and settlement. If these cracks do not go through the foundation, they may be minor and fixed with injection techniques, however, if the foundation is cracked all the way through, a more involved solution such as pier installation maybe required.

  • No matter what type of crack you find in your Atherton home’s foundation, we have a solution. Our expert team can fix and repair foundation cracks in your home and leave the structure stable and intact for years to come. Call us today to get a No Cost Estimate.

    Atherton Foundation Earthquake and Seismic Retrofitting

    Atherton earthquake and seismic foundation retrofitting can include house bolting, foundation bolting & cripple wall bracing, earthquake retrofit, earthquake preparation, foundation repair & earthquake safety precautions.

    Atherton foundation contractors at Butler Concrete Construction feel that the main function of earthquake retrofitting is to protect your home from sudden displacement of the concrete foundation. It helps to make the home safer and less prone to structural damage when an earthquake occurs, however, existing buildings have to be retrofitted because our understanding of construction techniques and earthquake safety has improved after the homes were built.

    Atherton Cracked Foundation Repair

    Honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction sets us apart from any other foundation and basement contractor in Atherton. Using only the utmost of innovative processes, our foundation contractor in Atherton allows residential/commercial owners a way to avoid costly future expenses by locating the source and fixing the problem with minimal changes to surrounding property. Avoiding large reconstruction expenses means hiring our foundation contractors in Atherton at the first sign of a problem.

    Call Us For Fast Foundation Repair In Atherton

    Atherton foundation repair needs to be handled by a licensed concrete contractor. Our foundation repair and retrofit company in Atherton incorporates permanent repair solutions while completing each project in a timely manner. We understand how important your time is; therefore, we aim to complete each project promptly with as little disruption to our customers as possible. You can rely on our Atherton foundation contractors to handle any task; no project is too small or too large. Our foundation repair in Atherton covers a variety of services. From damaged patios, sidewalks, concrete slabs to retaining walls, we are the best concrete contractor serving Atherton.

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